International Weekend in Cuxhaven

Half a dozen Round Table members, honorary members and partners took part in the annual twinning weekend which was held in Cuxhaven, Germany. We were joined there by several tablers from Almere, Holland as we are twinned with them as well.
Peter booked the flights for 4 of us but unfortunately booked to the wrong end of Germany, so had to re-book at extra cost to each of us to the correct destination. The trip its self started off on the Thursday night with a long drive to Stansted. Pete grumbled a fair bit about the extra cost of staying overnight, yet no one complained about the extra cost of the flights.
We should have been there for approx 10pm to have dinner with Jill and Andy but as Pete was driving we actually got there at 11.30 after a 25 mile detour [and some seriously bad navigation by the stupid woman on Johnís GPS (Ed.)].
We were met in Bremen by Cuxhaven Tablers but not before Jill the only red-head in the group was pulled by the ginger fuzz in the control area! After checking that there were more grey hairs than ginger and that her husband looked like he was "care in the community" she was allowed to proceed.
We had a reception-meeting-bbq-party in a marquee. Helen and I stayed there till very late getting drunk whilst the other light-weights went to bed. I did ring Pete and Sandy to come and join us when we started on the silly stuff, but I just heard some quite sharp words in Chinese and the phone went dead.
Saturday morning was a boat trip with breakfast thrown in, and it nearly was because the sea was quite choppy and it rained for the entire trip. We went so far out that we were actually closer to England than Germany. After drying off we visited Bremerhaven and had a tour around the museum and had lunch. The museum was very interesting and detailed the mass migration from Germany to America (mainly) around the turn of the century.
After a short sleep late afternoon we went to the Saturday night get together in the bar called Captain Ahabs. We were joined their by ex Tablers from Cuxhaven and Almere. We were fed and watered all night and had great fun and fellowship.

As I was the only active member of Table there it was my duty to take part in the silly drinking game and give a speech. The evening went on for what seemed only a short period until I was told by Katrine and Sebastian that we had to go. It was 3.15, I suddenly felt very drunk, tired and was longing for my bed.
Sunday morning was a more relaxed affair and we had plenty of time to pack before we went to the beach bar for breakfast. On the way there I began to feel a little queasy in the car but could only put it down to a dodgy boiled potato from the night before. I soon came round and had loads of scrambled egg, bread, coffee, raw fish, more coffee, bit more bread with cheese, raw fish again and finished off with a piece of cake and another coffee. I started feeling queasy again!
We had a lot of time to spare before we went to the airport and I thought it was a joke when some one said we were going on a boat trip.
We had a choice of a 1hr or a 4hr trip: the others couldn't make up there minds but that was probably because their minds were as wrecked as mine. However I managed to state, in no uncertain terms, that I was not going on a 4hr boat trip! After a few deep breaths I managed to calm my stomach but my head still hurt for the full hour. I could have punched the captain, he laughed every time he sounded the horn right in my ear, he could see the pain on my face.
After kissing dry land we were off for a few beers and a burger, I began to feel a lot better! We got back to the airport and said our good byes.
Jill didn't get pulled by the fuzz this time but Andy did try leaving his bag behind in the x-ray machine. It was at this point that both Jill and Andy were getting tired and irritable and began to argue at every opportunity. I think that Andy may have had ginger hair, when he used to have, some so they were both well suited. As we were queuing I turned around and saw John Roberts, past HB Tabler standing there. We both did a huge double take before we realised. We all gave our condolences to the others in Johnís party for having to put up with him for the past few days. After a quite short flight and a very long drive we fell in to bed at 12.30 in the morning only wishing we had booked an extra day off work.
The fellowship and friendships that were made during the course of the weekend are friendships that will last for the whole of a tablerís career and well beyond. I would like to sincerely thank members of Cuxhaven RT for there excellent hospitality and we look forward to seeing all our friends in Almere next year.
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