What We've Done

Local schools show excellent support for Hebden Bridge Bonfire

A great turn-out
for the 2010
Guy Competition

The annual Guy Competition attracted record entries this year. Schools from the area were tasked with building their own guy’s for the glory of being crowned 2010 Guy Champions and to see their work sitting proudly on top of the massive bonfire on the 6th November. And didn’t they do well!?! (see the pictures above)

Created entirely by the pupils, a total of 11 schools entered the event and deputy Mayor, Lesley Jones and Hebden Bridge Round Table Chairman, Ruari Wiggin had the unenviable task of selecting a winner when they met to judge the competition on the Marina.

After much discussion the three winning entries were announced as:
Winners: Riverside Junior School (Mr Dynamite)
First Runners-Up: Central School (Proud to be Green)
Second Runners-Up: Shade Primary School (Firework Man)
Certificates and prizes of £100, £75 and £50 were awarded to the winning entries.

'A big thank you to everyone who part – we hope you enjoyed yourselves!'

Hebden Bridge Bonfire - Here's one we made earlier!

Fireworks Display

We spent all Friday building a ginormous bonfire, Friday night guarding it and then on Saturday it turned into a massive blaze! It was still burning on Sunday morning when the Scouts turned up to perform their usual miracle of transforming a rubbish strewn field back into a clean and tidy park.
The fireworks were spectacular, and the music, for those that could hear it, enhanced the performance. The charity stalls were bustling, and the few sparklers, that some didn't think were fireworks, were soon put out, and the metal sticks collected for safe disposal. There was very little trouble, and the few youths who had drunk more alchohol than there tiny brains could cope with were quickly removed from the park by very effective police.
A long, tiring week-end for Round Table members and the many other volunteers from Rotary, 41 Club, Ladies' Circle and Tangent without whom, the event would be impossible for Round Table to put on.
Many thousands of pounds have been raised for the local community, and applications for funding are always welcome.
If you have a worthwhile project or idea that we can help with please get in touch.

Ruari takes over as Chairman for 2008/09

Ruari Wiggin was elected Chairman of Hebden Bridge and District Round Table at our Annual General Meeting on 23rd April.
Big D's put on some excellent food, though the sprouts had seen the inside of a saucepan for far too long and wouldn't have presented much of a challenge even to a toothless pensioner - good thing really 'cos some of the guests might well fit that description soon.
Keith's last meeting as Chairman was rudely interrupted by a bunch of women dressed up as nurses singing songs that questioned his virility and offered some painful solutions, as can be seen in the photos.
A few pints later everyone was feeling a bit peckish again, so we all piled back to Ruari's for bacon butties and more beer.

Keith's Swansong

Click here for Chairman's Evening Photos...

Peter & Andrew share the pot at the 10 Pin Bowling in Halifax

We went to Halfax Bowling Centre in April. Each of us put £1 in the prize pot. Peter followed his success in the Area Bowling with the joint highest score of 163, while Andrew demonstrated that the lure of cash helped him maintain his concentration much better than he had at the Area competition. However, JD proved that his March performance had been a flash in the pan. In the pictures, Keith is a bit blurry, but he's like that most of the time anyway.

Over 80s

We took Hebden Bridge's over 80-year-olds out for the day to Millstones near Harrogate. We had a great time with good food, dancing and bingo. Several Table members had their young children with them and all ages had an enjoyable day out. One of our party even won a bingo prize! Here are some photos of the event, but be warned: if you don't like the sight of bad dancing, look away now!
Click here for the bigger picture...

HBRT win Area Bowling Competition!

Hebden Brige Round Table snatched the Area 9 Ten Pin Bowling Trophy from the firm grip that Ossett Round Table have had on it for many years.

In a fluent run of stikes and spares, John Donoghue and Peter Saunders bowled 182 and 178 to stand head and shoulders above all challengers.

No other team got near to achieving the sustained quality bowling of the Hebden Bridge duo!

Trip to the Ossett Brewery

Ossett Brewery Window
We have two versions of this event: one from Ross and one from JD. Fortunately, neither author has a full grasp of reality, so their accounts are rather amusing.

Click here for Ross's tale,
here for JD's hallucination

Well, you can't expect them to remember what actually happened after downing so much beer...

Hebden Bridge Bonfire: Spectacular, Safe and Enjoyable

More than 8,000 people gathered to watch the bonfire and fireworks organised by Hebden Bridge Round Table.
The money raised will be going to local charities, voluntary groups and good causes. Applications for funds are welcome and should be sent to Round Table's Community Service Officer (see the Contact Us page).
Rory Wiggin, vice-chairman of Hebden Bridge Round Table, which runs the annual event said: "For me one of the most fullfilling things about being involved with the bonfire is knowing that all profits go to local causes.
“But organising an event of this scale cannot be achieved without the help and support of the community and local businesses."

Some of the fireworks over Calder Holmes Park, Hebden Bridge.

The Guys relaxing before things hotted up!


Well, that was fun... if a little painful.Waiting... The yelp of surprise from Peter B as one of the plastic balls exploded on his butt was amusing. John - the cheat - got his cumuppance when he thought he'd sneak forward before the whistle, but was seen and forced to surrender without firing a shot! Hiding... Ross was spared a pelting when my gun was out of pellets and only firing air. While Paul was such a big target, few could miss him! Bespatterd with paint! Behind the mask, you're almost anonymous, which is great for getting away with... well, pretty much anything!
It's rumoured that the less brave HB Tablers who declined to join the paintball team preferred the needle-point class at the Community Centre where they risked jabbing their thumbs with very sharp
Run! needles. Fortunately, they weren't allowed to run with scissors.

Cricket Match v 41 Club - "A Wash Out!"

Or perhaps that's just a pretty good description of 41 Club's performance in the indoor games that had to replace the cricket because the pitch was too wet.
41 Club were comprehensively beaten at darts, dominoes and pool as Round Table secured a rare victory at this annual event.
Unfortunmately, 41 Club couldn't put together a team for the re-arranged cricket match due to take place in August. Too scared, apparrently...

International Week End - Cuxhaven Round Table hosted a great week end.

Round Table members visited Germany in May. Photos and the full story (or John's version, at least) can be found here.

New Chairman - Keith Best takes over as Chairman for 2007/8

Round Table's Annual General Meeting at the end of April saw last year's Chairman, John Donoghue hand over the chain of office to new Chairman, Keith Best. The AGM also welcomed newest member Ross Oaten into Table.
Rauri Wiggin was elected as Vice Chairman, and others were elected to new jobs for the forthcoming year - details on the Members page.

Bonfire Reprieve.

Hebden Bridge Round Table Bonfire is definitely going ahead!
The annual bonfire, organised by Hebden Bridge Round Table, has been thrown a lifeline by the offer of financial support from a local business.
The offer was made after the company read a report in the Hebden Bridge Times.
John Donoghue, Chairman of the Round Table, said the offer of financial support would enable the organisation to make preliminary plans for an event in November but the eventual fate of the Bonfire & Firework Display still hung in the balance. Mr Donoghue said that everything now depended on the support the Round Table could get from local businesses & Councils. He went on to say many pubs, cafes, takeaways and shops benefited from the thousands of people who came to the bonfire but, in the past, those businesses had been reluctant to make a donation towards the running costs of the event. He hoped now that they would rally round and support the event.
Mr Donoghue said The Round Table have organised an annual Bonfire & Firework Display in Hebden Bridge for almost 50 years and any profits made from the event had always been donated to local and national charities and worthy causes, he hoped the town would now support them and enable them to continue for another fifty years.
Doctor Keith Best, Vice Chairman of the Round Table, (who will be Chairman when, and if, the bonfire goes ahead in November), said we had been planning to make some significant changes to the event and this offer is a terrific opportunity to give us a chance to carry those changes out.
Last year a number of unruly youths, mainly from out of town, were in danger of spoiling the event with their anti social behaviour. We want to make the bonfire a safe, friendly event where families can come and enjoy a night out without the threat of abuse and drunken behaviour. We were planning to have an increased police and security presence on the night, to deal with any problems and, at the same time, reduce the fun fair and return the bonfire to a safe community event that the majority of people can enjoy. We hope now, with the help of others in the town, that we can go ahead and run this very popular event.

Bonfire made the front page! For all the wrong reasons... Hebden Bridge Times 29th March 2007

Thank goodness things have changed since this article appeared in the Hebden Bridge Times.

Hebden Bridge Round Table Bonfire is definitely going ahead!

Over 80's Coaches, Round Table and Ladies' Circle 'taxi' drivers.

Over 80s
Grand Day Out

Didn't we have a lovely time the day we went to Harrogate? Well, yes we did! Round Table have, for many years, taken the old folk of Hebden Bridge out for the day. The over 80s show Tablers how to dance.

We collected them from their homes and took two coach-loads to Millstones Restaurant near Harrogate. Old-time dancing, lunch, tea and bingo were enjoyed by everybody.

Dave gets ready for bingo.
Dave Chattell, this year's organiser, even had his special bingo markers ready - but he didn't win. While Keith, unfortunately, left his dancing shoes at home.
We had bright sunny weather for the trip there and back, which made a nice change from the snow we had last year.

Hebden Bridge Rotary Club Bonfire Cheque

Rotary Club

Hebden Bridge Round Table Chaiman, John Donoghue attended a Hebden Bridge Rotary Club meeting to present a cheque to Rotary President Barry Singleton for £1329.69 for there help manning the gates at last year's Bonfire. John picked the darkest corner of the room to hand over the cheque and have this photograph taken.

All The profits from the Bonfire go back in to the community through various groups and we are pleased that Rotary club and other voluntary groups continue to offer their support in staging this major event.

Round Table members meet soon to start planing this years Bonfire. If you want to be a part of this major charity event, please drop us a line.

Wishing Well

Down Under On a clear, bright December morning several Round Table members cleared out the Wishing Well at Hardcasle Crags. Pictured are Andy, trying to find a cheaper route to Australia, while Anthony and Peter stand about trying (unsuccessfully) to look useful. Andy was rescued shorlty after this photo was taken. Wishing Well

Dissappointingly the Blue Pig wasn't open when we finished, so we'll have to save the money we collected to go towards school projects in the Crags.

Bonfire Night

See the photos here.

Guy Fawkes Competition

There were loads of entries from local schools for this year's Guy competition. We all assembled on HB Marina where The Mayor of Hebden Royd and Round Table Chairman decided the prize winners: Guy Competition

*1st place and £100 prize went to Burnley Road Junior School for their Iron Man Guy, which was based on the story by Ted Hughes.

* 2nd prize (£75) was awarded to All Saints, Halifax, and

*3rd Prize (£50) went to Stubbings Junior and Infant School. Thanks to all who took part.

Donation to Ground Floor Project

Ground Floor Project

OK, it's not the most glamourous project, but the new disabled toilet is now finished and working - along with the handy wheelchair ramp. Round Table were pleased to be able to help fund the work. HBRT Chairman John and several members visited to inspect (but didn't need to test) the new facility. The Centre Manager shows one of the special "Radar" Key which is used to open the door.

Progressive Dinner

Scaring the locals at stubbing wharfEvery now and again HBRT do something a bit strange: this time it was dressing up for Halloween three weeks early and frightening the locals in the Stubbing Wharf pub. Afterwards they split up to have dinner - each course in a different house - before reassembling for pudding at the organisers house.

Band Night at Calder High

The Glam Gods The Glam Gods (yes, that really is the band's name) put on a magnificent show for nearly 200 revellers who danced until they dropped (or got dragged home).

Bad dancing

All proceeds from the tickets went to Hebden Bridge Saints Football Club.

Visit to Coca-Cola

Coca Cola

Round Table visited Coca-Cola's bottling and canning plant in Wakefied. After donning silly hats they were (force) fed a load of Coke propaganda and American advertizing.

Asia RestaurantThe diet of a buffet meal and Chinese beer at the Asia Restaurant in Halifax was much more appetising!

Donation to Hebden Bridge Riding for the Disabled Association

Hebden Bridge Round Table Chairman, John Donoghue handed a cheque for £500 to Hebden Bridge RDA.


Cricket defeat for HBRT against 41 Club

Hebden Bridge Round Table once again were subjected to a heavy defeat by the local 41 club in a well fought cricket match. A sprightly looking 41 club team took a commanding lead with some fresh faced new members. The HBRT team were unable to claw the high score even with a magnificent 30 not out by R.Wiggin and an even more impressive Golden Duck by the Chairman John Donoghue, to a wicked delivery from Peter Layfield.

Donoghue Returns for a 2nd Innings

HandoverReturning chairman John Donoghue accepted the chairman's chain for a 2nd time last night. John is intending to reintroduce some of the traditional values back in to table as well as focusing on encouraging new membership and, of course, having fun.

Hebden Bridge Round Table is a group of young men who meet for friendship, fun and to help others in the local community.
Hebden Bridge Round Table draws members from all along the Calder Valley: from Hebden Bridge, Mytholmroyd, Luddenden and Luddenden Foot.
Neighbouring Tables are Halifax, Elland and Huddersfied. We welcome membership enquiries from men aged between 18 and 45.
Round Table's sister organisation, Ladies' Circle welcomes membership enquiries from women aged between 18 and 45.
A big thank you to all our
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